About Healing Ways

Healing Ways Passion – Supporting Your Health:

Why not make a project out of your own health? Start now by recording your health information in a file folder. Some suggested contents:

  • a diet and lifestyle survey
  • history of health problems
  • notes on problem areas of your body
  • diagnostic results
  • copies of x-rays
  • goals for health improvement

You may want to go further and include:

  • urinalysis results
  • results of blood and saliva tests
  • hair analysis results
  • iris photographs and analysis
  • dental and vision records
  • blood pressure and heart rate readings
  • notes on elimination systems
  • thoughts and beliefs about your health

The point of this personal health project is simple: No one cares more about your own body than you. Monitor and listen to your body. Create the level of health you prefer. Start gathering your information today. In the future, when you need to pay attention to your health, you can go to your very own resource and information center.

Pure foods for pure people

When we support organic farming, we are helping to reestablish the health of our environment. Make it your aim to buy quality produce. Availability of organic foods is increasing, and cost is decreasing. If you need more information on purchasing organic foods, let us know.

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