Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

Deeksha means blessing or benediction

This Blessing is non-denominational…Includes all religions but is not specific to any. It could be considered a non-religious prayer/connection to your higher self. Deeksha is the transmission of energy that can awaken the enlightenment process. It brings about biological changes in the brain, reducing the endless chatter of the mind and can bring you fully into the moment where there is only peace and joy and a feeling of oneness.
It is an experience, not a concept.

It can be given remotely or with hands placed on the head.

With the blessings of Amma/Bhagavan, The Oneness University and Blessing givers, this Divine Grace – a seed of enlightenment – is being made available to people from all parts of the world. To date over 15 million people have received the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha). We invite you to share in this unique event and to experience the transformative effects of this Blessing for yourself.

Benefits of The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha):
Along with quieting and relaxing the mind, can help to:

  • Improved Relationships with parents, people, nature and yourself
  • Re-pattern negative life programming
  • Release traumas that have been stored at the cellular and energetic levels
  • Facilitate deep emotional and physical healing
  • Reduce suffering and fear
  • Increase levels of gratitude & Appreciation.

As the sense of resistance and separation leaves, one feels a deeper connection with all that is. Brings an experience of oneness.

As a naturopath in Riverside County, California for more than 28 years I highly recommend the Oneness Blessing energy for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Contact me by phone or e-mail for dates of events or phone Blessings by appointment. (760) 251-7483 or (951) 323-2481

I have been involved with The Oneness University for 45 months now and the blessings continue to increase in power and results. As of September 2009 I have made 5 trips to India. I am totally dedicated to raising the awareness/consciousness of all human beings, bringing us to the Aquariau/goldeuage thus Healing our planet/ourselves involved in this healing energy.

The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) experience brings life changing results

For more information:

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