ABC Detox Program

“I have been using your wonderful product, the ABC Detox Program, for two or three years now… I’ve come to regard this product as a God-send.” – S. Hayden, Agoura Hills, CA

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Energizing Drink

“I have been using Energizing Nutrient Drink for over five years and it is the most comprehensive wide spectrum nutrient supplement I’ve used.  Its organic aloe base is the most effective delivery system I’ve used. I’ve always had problems with supplement absorption, especially B vitamins and with Energizing Nutrient Drink I can feel the effects just minutes after use.

It has helped me regain energy, vitality,and enhanced mental focus as well as re-mediating emotional high and lows due to mineral, vitamin and enzyme deficiencies, not to mention the money I’ve saved in being able to eliminate costly individual supplements that are all contained in the Energizing Nutrient Drink.  I strongly recommend this drink for anyone who is seeking an efficient, effective, highly absorptive wide spectrum supplement.  It is the best I’ve used, and it tastes really good.” – Kaya L. Desert Hot Springs, CA

Nerve Force Tea

“Last year while on vacation, I purchased a bag of your Nerve Force Tea and I simply love it! I am now running out and would like information regarding ordering more… I would also be interested in receiving information on any other products you may produce. Thank you.” – N. Phillips, Glendale, CA

“I have been drinking Nerve Force Tea for about 18 years; it was recommended to me by my Holistic provider. I have many digestive issues, which cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. The nerve force tea really settles my stomach and relieves the discomfort I feel, especially after eating a heavy meal, which I have avoided for a long time.

Drinking it after a meal really helps digestion and reduction of any feeling of bloating or cramping. Lately I have been drinking the tea 3 times a day, especially after a meal and it has really helped.

I would highly recommend nerve force tea to anyone who would be interested. Recently my co-worker started drinking it and she loves it.” – E. Pino, Palm Desert, CA

Silver Colloids

“Thanks David. Have to say, I am really enjoying the product, it is the only spray that is truly helping my condition.” – M. Yee, CA

“Thank-you so much for providing this life-saving colloidal silver to humanity!” – S.M. Oakdale, CA

“I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your product is to me. I have suffered with skin problems for about 10 years and many doctors, as well as many products and yet no significant relief. About 3 weeks ago my legs became very inflamed and sore, but with your product I have seen improvement.

I always hesitated using silver colloids, because I saw a man on TV who had turned blue from over exposure, so thank you for your patience in explaining and educating me on the use. I feel confident that I will see and feel much better than I have felt in a while due to the help from you and your product. Gratefully Thankful.” – V. Wood, Riverside, CA

“Since i started using the silver colloids I can breathe better. I have terrible sinus problems and it unclogs my head right away and takes away my sinus headaches. I use the energy drink in my juice every morning and I feel great with more energy. The energy is a sustained energy not a jittery high and crash energy. I also use the shell powder in my juice as well and it makes me feel good too. Very satisfied customer! Great products. Overall using these products I feel better and I feel healthier!” – Janelle Miller

“David, your colloidal silver is an awesome product. Thanks you for making it available. It is stronger and more effective than anything else I have tried. The photos I took of you at Clarke’s look good on your web site.” – Alan Gough

“Dr. Blodgett, my 8 year old son is Asthmatic and any change in weather is a red flag for us. If he gets close to anyone with a cold he will catch it. A few months ago your Silver Colloids was recommended by a Gentleman that walked in to Clark’s Health store in Riverside. We’ve been giving my son the Silver Colloids in his nebulizer just like we were told. It’s been almost 4 months and my son has not gone to the emergency room. When we notice a cold coming on we intensify the colloid treatment to every hour on the hour for 5 minutes as a result he has had ONLY 1 cold symptom that lasted approximately 24hrs. We have now recommended your product to my mother, brother and friends and they can’t believe how good your product is. My family members have now bought your ABC Detox, I will keep you up to date on how we are doing. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” – Raul Diaz

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  1. Maria trujillo says:

    I just bought silver colloids in spray format. How do I use it. I heard it was good for throat infections. I sing and would like more info, please.

  2. Hi Maria, please give us a call at (760) 251-7483.

  3. Hi David: Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the test group for your new products- Gold colloids. I have had severe sciatic pain in both ,my legs fro over thirty years- I am now 60- and it was intensified by driving for my work for 25 of those years, I used massage, Chinese exercise and water aerobics to calm the pain but it never took it away entirely, I have been on gold for 5 weeks now and can say that after the 3rd day I started noticing remarkable difference in my pain level. To the point where there is non at all. I keep increasing my driving time and time I spend on my legs and still no pain, I have gotten such good results that I sent some to my 86 yr old father to try for his legs and already he has experienced results. I can’t imagine not taking this for the rest of my life! I certainly do not ever want to go back to that pain again. Thank you sooo much for this product, I am combining Gold with the Silver on opposite days for optimum results!

    • Hi Dion May 18 2015 Give me a call, as you have time, there has been some new work with the Gold I;d like to share. Thanks David 760-251-7483

  4. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. My 88 year old father came down with Shingles less then 2 weeks ago on his face and in his eye. Our Insurance is so slow we just now received an appointment. From the day he came down with them I have been using your silver in a nebulizer and as of today his eye looks completely normal and he has no pain or burning, also he has just a few scabs but nothing like he had. I truly feel your product is a miracle from all I have read the shingles last for months, and its just been 1 week and a few days. Your silver is incredible. Your Product is a God send Thank you so much for providing such a miracle homeopathic medication. I highly recommend everyone should have this product as a staple for there medicine cabinet.
    Thank you David for providing this pure all natural product

  5. I can’t thank David enough for his help. I have been very sick. I called David and he so kindly told me what to do with the colloidal silver and the nebulizer. Within 3 hours there was a significant difference. I had been suffering for almost a week with bronchitis or pneumonia, which I am very susceptible to. In the past I had to take antibiotics that had a bad effect on me. The colloidal and the nebulizier was unbelievable!! No bad side effects just healing. My praise to David for him to take the time to help people out. He even ask me to call him in the morning and let him know how I was doing. He is a very dedicated man.
    Thank you again David you are very much appreciated!

  6. Dennis Minuti says:

    In 10 days my arthritis is almost completely destroyed…gone!!!

  7. Dennis Minuti says:

    I played football for years….with major problems to show for it. Deteriorated discs and right hip socket bone spurs. I had been waking up at night with back pain and discomfort in many parts of my body. My friend Maurice told me about the 2000 ppm Silver. After 10 days my back pain is gone…not even any tightness or stiffness remains. There is a little noise left in my neck but this is trending downward rapidly. THANK GOD FOR HEALING WAYS!!!!!!!

  8. Aura Starphyre says:

    Dave got my valley virus in my sinus and lungs to go completely away in six weeks of colloidial silver application. I had been waking up in the mornings with a seriously severe nasal drip draining into my lungs and would be coughing and hacking for 30+ minutes really bad. I thought for sure that this mold was going to maybe even kill me. It was that awful. Now it is completely gone and I have not had even one morning cough or mucus incident at all in two months. Plus I’m feeling better than ever. Being 69 years young is now way more fun than I ever dreamt possible. Thank you Dave.

  9. David, I am so impressed, with the germ and infection fighting abilities of your product “Silver Colloids”. I am 72 years young and have never witnessed anything like the healing properties this product provides. I have always used Vit C, heavy doses to combat colds and flu virus. One day I heard Dr Os’s daughter talk about Silver Colloids on the TV program called The View. Their whole family had taken a winter ski vacation and she told them to be sure and take the Silver Colloids with them. They all replied, “OH we are not going to need that on this trip, we are all very healthy and are immune systems are in tip top shape!! After all, we are Dr Os’s family! They all got sick except her, she took the drops in warm water each morning and night and never even got the beginning of a sore throat!

    I could not find anything, in any store, or online that has the strength that your product contains. I am sure that is why it is so effective. I was just exposed to a couple of grandchildren that has very bad colds,
    I was holding and kissing them thinking I would not come down with anything. Well I was wrong. That night I noticed a soreness beginning in my throat and my nose was beginning to run. I used Silver Colloids spray in my throat , 7 sprays that night and through out the next day. The sore throat went completely away and my nose cleared up back to normal. I was feeling fine within 24 hours and had beaten the bug with Silver Colloids!!

    Everyone should have this product and use it when visiting families, flying on planes, any where you will be exposed to a number of people. Use it before you go to the grocery store!

    Thank You David for helping so many people.


  10. I’ve tried many different brands of colloidal silver. There is the theory that less is more in ppm’s. I’ve tried the 3ppm the 10 ppm and they didn’t do a thing for me. The 2000 ppm works incredibly well. I start feeling something coming on and take it. I’m usually better by the next morning. I highly recommend this product over any other.

  11. Murray Horton says:


  12. The nutrient drink is life changing. I’m 37 and do hot yoga at least 5 days a week. I was always an athlete and in solid phyiscal shape, but was having a hard time with my endurance and energy in the classes. Then, I started taking 1take the nutrient drink before and after the classes and I feel like a new person. I never drink coffee or have caffeine, but the nutrient drink gives me the energy to never drag throughout the day. It’s an amazing supplement and I wish the world would drink this stuff instead of all the toxic crap and so called energy drinks on the market

  13. Stephen Lopynski says:

    Thank you Dr. David! Your products help me the most! it’s been a long search for these specific benefits, especially from your silver and gold. The gold has helped me reduce inflammationlbleeding and healed my digestive tract. I feel more alive and all around more energetic. By far the best product on the market!!! ~Steve, San Diego

  14. My brother recommended I may like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This publish truly made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this info!
    Thank you!

  15. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your website? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from a lot of
    the information you present here. Please let me know if this
    ok with you. Appreciate it!

  16. THANK YOU SO MUCH David for your continuous knowledge and the unbelievable support you have given me through the years of helping my mom cope with her COPD (stage 4), Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Allergies etc. etc…After many years of my mom going into the hospital because of her COPD issues she has finally found a NATURAL solution that REALLY WORKS and has NO side effects !!! She literally has been able to replace most of her albuterol treatments (if not all) in her nebulizer and is now using Colloidal Silver instead !! Her asthma pumps have been replaced by spraying silver in the back of her throat when needed and also using the nasal pump for her allergies along with many other attributes like keeping her immune system much stronger. Healing Ways Colloidal Silver is truly a miracle product that I feel would be wrong if not share with others !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a powerful natural product that is must in everyone’s home !!

  17. I currently use colloidal silver for acne at age 37 it works wonders for me and my 18 year old who suffers from cystic acne. I wanted more info on your nerve product per a review I saw up here on this page and also wonder if you do consultations in person using iridiology. I’m looking for a local naturopathic dr. In California. I live In Victorville.

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